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On November 26, I had the pleasure to present in the first of three panels on "Multispecies relations - care and creativity in times of crisis" at the Australian Anthropological Society conference, a panel convened by the awesome trio of Sophie Chao, Laura McLauchlan, and Anne Galloway. It was a privilege for me to be in this first panel session - the presentations were solid and fascinating examples of more-than-human research and I was sharing the zoom space with presenters whose work I have alot of respect for (including an excellent paper on feral pig relations in far North Queensland by Mardi-Reardon Smith) If you have 13 minutes spare, and would like to hear a short story about a pet feral pig, you can watch my presentation in the youtube video below. The name of the paper is "Killable Companion: The Relational Knots that Sustain Pig-Pig in a World Geared towards her Unmaking" There are still two more sessions for this multispecies panel. They have assembled some really great speakers, so I will try and post the future sessions later on. In the meantime, you can learn more about the panel sessions and speakers here.

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Co-authored with the excellent Hannah Fair, Viola Schreer, Laur Kiik, and Niki Rust Open access and find it here: Dodo dilemmas: Conflicting ethical loyalties in conservation social science research

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