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  • Paul Keil

Anthropology of (pig) Hunting Workshop - Nov 27-30

I am very excited to co-organise a workshop with the ERC BOAR project from November 27th-30th, 2022. We are hosting ethnographic researchers of pig hunting to sit together for 3 days, to share and together analyze each other's work, and to discuss in depth the question 'What is hunting?’

Hunting is neither easily definable nor a singular phenomenon. What is / what is not hunting, the significance the activity has for hunters, and indeed, whether our subjects identify themselves as ‘hunters’ are ethnographic questions with answers that will vary depending on historical, social, and ecological factors. As a unit of analysis hunting cannot be reduced to a human-animal interaction or the killing of an animal; hunting is also a world of meaningful and material relations beyond the process and product of the event itself.

While anthropologists have typically focused on hunter-gatherers, our inquiry seeks to account for hunting worlds across different societies, including those commonly referred to as ‘recreational’, and even those denied by some as hunting. The wild pig - given their presence across many parts of the globe - is a valuable, cosmopolitan guide who affords exploration, comparison, and dialogue between a wide range of hunting socio-ecologies.

The workshop asks the question ‘what is hunting’ with as little presupposition as possible, to push the limits of what we understand hunting to be, and to revitalize a classical research topic in anthropology. Contributors are encouraged to give primacy to ethnographic insights, to reinterpret and challenge long-established anthropological notions of hunting within new contexts or utilize novel frameworks and conceptual tools that facilitate the analysis of hunting worlds in a fresh light.

Below is a list of our attendees all exploring a different facet of pig hunting from a different country.

Workshop Convenors

Ludek Brož, Paul Keil, Thorsten Gieser, Erica von Essen

Supported by:

The workshop is the outcome of two interrelated porcine projects. The FERALHUNT project ( is co-funded by the EU (Call No. 02_20_079 International Mobility of Researchers - MSCA-IF IV, OP VVV, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport).The ERC BOAR project ( has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 866350).


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