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  • Paul Keil

Interdisciplinary and Interinstitutional BOAR meet

On Thursday, May 5th, the Institute will be hosting an interdisciplinary workshop on wild boar research. Social scientists from the Department of Ecological Anthropology, IE CAS, and natural scientists from the Department of Hunting and Forest Zoology, CULS, will present on their respective research methods - specifically the tools or techniques used to 'capture' the presence and behaviour of wild pigs at our field sites.

Beyond offering a basic explanation of methods, presenters are encouraged to speak about the limitations of their tools and techniques. Limitations, for example, might explore how the tools are unable to show us certain things about the lives and worlds of wild pigs. Sometimes methods define the constraints of research hypotheses - so it could also be the case that our tools and techniques limit the questions we want to ask of wild boar. There are even ethical limitations of methods worth exploring, and the need to find more novel and less interventionist ways of apprehending wild pigs in our research.

The presentations and discussions are opportunities to share frustrations, indulge in wonderous speculation of secret boar lives, creatively think about other potential tools and techniques, or open a problem to be discussed by the multidisciplinary group. Focusing on what we lack as researchers and disciplines might also create an opportunity for collaboration. Here is the agenda for the meeting

Agenda May52022_BOAR Crossover
Download PDF • 630KB

If you would like to learn more, please contact This organisation of this workshop has been supported and co-funded by the EU (Call No. 02_20_079 International Mobility of Researchers - MSCA-IF IV, OP VVV, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport).


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